8 ladies share their most cringeworthy danfo experiences


Earlier we asked guys what their worst experiences in Danfo buses were like.

Now, we asked the ladies and this is what they said.

1. So this one time, I was going to Ogba from Obalende at night. That’s how the danfo stopped on third mainland. Now, instead of the passengers to wait and see if the guy can fix whatever was wrong with the vehicle, they all started running, me too, I joined. I don’t even know why I joined. We now had to find an alternative. I trekked fam. Got home with my legs all wobbly and stuff. – Anu, 23


2. A conductor was hanging on the bus so  I sat beside him, close to the door. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and he sagged his jeans so his balls were in my face (it was mostly hair.) And I kept turning my face to the other side. – Remi, 23


3. Sitting at the edge, then the conductors kini be touching your shoulder as they are collecting money from passengers at the back. – Fola, 24


4. The conductor didn’t want to give me my change and when he finally gave me at the bustop he threw it at me after I’d gotten off the bus. While trying to pick the money, another danfo almost hit me and the conductor cursed my grandmother. – Tola, 23


5. Being squashed between two incredibly fat women for like an hour. I couldn’t move any part of my body. Had to wait for one to come down before I could bring money out of my pocket. – Temu, 20


7. I had been warned never to hop into danfos whose drivers or conductor put on singlets, shower cap, earring or generally have lots of scars. This conductor’s eyes were swollen but I still entered. That’s how they stopped wrongly on a long bridge to drop people and LASTMA started chasing. I thought I was being kidnapped. When the chase stopped, they drove us back. At the end, the ‘fast’ I was looking for caused me the whole day. – Bolaji, 22


8. One conductor almost beat me because I was asking for my change. I was angry and opened my mouth to speak pidgin and I started speaking foné. I was so embarrassed. When I got down, he threw the money on the floor and the bus sped off. I wanted to cry. – Boro, 20



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