8 epic photos that describe why you people hate January

January is that time of the year where the December hangover starts to wear out and the rude awakening sets in. These photos describe why people do not like the month of January so much.

The December hangover hasn’t completely disappeared.


When you realise that all your office clothes don’t fit anymore because your December long throat slid down to your stomach.

Rob before and after

Then you realise that early December salary wasn’t such a good idea.

empty wallet meme

And January salary alert may not come till February.

crying little man

Let’s not even start with how all your New Year resolutions are crashing before your eyes.

Selena Gomez

The weight loss begins after this one. Just this one I swear.

When you are a trader and nobody is coming to buy market.

Sitting cat market

When everything you paid for through your nose in December is now cheap.

crying man

When you haven’t fully recovered from the December wreck and you realise February has something called Valentine’s day.

Jordan tears broke






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