7 ways we can relate with the Channels TV blooper

Channels is one television station famous for big things; whether it is big awards.

Channels TV
Best TV Station back to back


Big scandals.

Oga At The Top

And more recently, big fails.

A news anchor on Channels TV recently did the type of hilarious fail only NTA has the right to be famous for.

But while we laugh, we can bet there are other situations that would sure give us that Victor Matthias face, like;

1. When your rent has expired and you suddenly hear the landlord’s knock at the door.

Jon Stewart

2 When you’re skyping with bae and she just hits you with the “I missed my period.”


3. When you raised your voice at a woman and she tells everybody you slapped her.


4. When you are speaking plenty English and you gbagaun.

Cover mouth

5. When you are with the apple of your eye and you hear ‘’honey I’m home!’’


6. When you’re in the class minding your business and the teacher tells you to answer a question.

samtakesoff meme

7. When you just finished receiving call inside a restaurant and someone pulls out a gun and says, “Everybody drop your phones on the table.”


Which phone?

Let us know more.



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