7 Ways To Save Money On Food And Drink At Your Wedding | Feso Adeniji

A fancy menu is always desired at a top-notch wedding ceremony full of Lagos’ finest entrepreneurs, big families and even celebrities. However, if you do not wish to ball out on the food and drinks being served on your special day, here are seven suggestions for saving money:

Signature Cocktail
Think about your favourite cocktail or visualise one and bring it to life on your special day. Champagne cocktails with a piece of juicy fruit never get old!

Heavy Appetizers
Serving heavy appetisers allows people to mingle more and avoid sticking to a seat at the corner of the hall. Have appetisers on your menu that are light enough to eat other things and still make merry but heavy enough to not desire a full meal.

Food Stations
Food stations are great to have at a wedding in order to cut out money on serving a three-course meal and are a great way to offer variety to your guests for less. Savoury stations should include easy and elegant food served in smaller portions. Pasta and grill stations will never grow old at weddings.

Ditch the Wedding Cake
Think about it; cake will always be there if you need it. Have a cupcake tower of different flavours instead so you can enjoy the variety and make it easier to share the yummy goodness.

Venues with Outside Catering
Selecting the perfect venue that allows you to use caterers of your choice will save lots of money as compared to a hotel where you are mandated to engage their hospitality services.

Daytime Wedding
Serving your guests breakfast options may keep them happy and work in your favour. I mean, who doesn’t love a fluffy waffle with chocolate and fruits?

Timed Open Bar
If you do wish to have an open bar for the whole reception, you can pay for a couple hours before the main reception starts then proceed to serve a selection of drinks then.

Incorporating these suggestions to your plan for entertainment could save a lot of money and still keep everyone happy. The trick is to not compromise on the quality of whatever you serve regardless of the number of invited guests that show up to your ceremony; keep it intimate and have a blast!
Written by Feso Adeniji



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