7 survival tips to beat Lassa fever before it beats you

Lassa fever is Ebola’s angry older brother. In fact, it has already killed 41 people nationwide since the recent outbreak and unless we do something about it, it is unlikely to go away. These survival hacks will help you beat it.

1. Rat is not your friend. They say the rats that cause Lassa are from the multi mammalate species. Stop and think first, do you want to be checking rats one by one? My people every rat is the enemy for now.


It is called the multi-mammate rat.

2. That cat you are calling witch can save your life. As long as there’s a cat, rats will keep off including the rats that cause Lassa Fever. Its the W.H.O’s idea.

cool cats

3. Don’t fall your hand by yourself. Not every time handshake, sometimes wave from the distance. Wash your hands as often as possible. Better still, buy a hand sanitiser.


4. Keep your environment clean. Every time. Don’t give these rats a hiding place.


5. Tell everyone, tell your family and friends, tell everyone on the Internet. Anoint yourself a Lassa prophet.


6. When you see symptoms in a person, run and call a doctor or inform the authorities on these numbers; 08093810105, 08163215251, 08031571667 and 08135050005.

Batman and Robin

The minor symptoms include slight fever, sore throat headache, fever and fatigue. More severe symptoms include are vomiting, deafness, bleeding from mouth, nose, gum and eyes, swelling of the face, blood diarrhea and shock.

7. Before you say ”God help us all,” know that he has already helped you.

Use your head1


Now share this, and tell everyone.



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