6 times Nigerians were true Olympic gold material

We go to the Olympics everytime and you wonder why we never get as much silverware as we think we should be getting. It is probably because we’ve been looking in all the wrong places.

Here are a few Olympic sports and the Nigerians who deserve gold in them.

1. Whether the track event is a relay or a marathon, #TeamTraffic can’t carry last.

Street hawker running

They start at 6 in the morning and stay till night.


2. Every Nigerian who has gone to NYSC camp and couldn’t use the horrible toilets.



Because toilet infection is real.


3. Ah! for boxing, these two police officers will surely make us proud.

Police boxing


Call it Taekwondo if you like. Or Sit-beat-fu. Two fighting sha.


4. Or even Judo.

Police fighting1

Just because.


5. And for clay-shooting,

clay shooting


Just leave this one to our soldiers. They’ll shoot both insurgents and civilians. Shebi they said we human beings are made from clay?

Soldier executing



6. We can’t carry last in fencing. No, not this fencing,



This fencing.

Legistlators climbing gate



7. This is not an Olympic sport, but have you ever thought of how much skill is needed to always hold on to a danfo?

Conductor Uch Bebe

Come smooth road, come pothole.


The Rio Olympics are just months away. One wonder s how many sports we should be entering considering how talented we actually are.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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