6 Reasons not to ask ‘’When Are You Getting Married?” | Temitope Ikusika

If you’re guilty of asking ‘’When are you getting married?‘’ and “When am I coming for your wedding too?’’ this is for you. There may be reasons why people are still single- some of these are by choice and some by circumstance. In either scenario, it’s an unpleasant question. Don’t ask! Here’s why:

Marriage simply is not for everyone

Yes, not everyone wants to be married. You need to understand this and simply let them be. Some want to remain single for now or forever, and don’t have plans of settling down with anyone. It’s their life, keep it moving. Silently.

It is none of your business

Whether or not the person decides to get married or stay single is actually none of your business. Do yourself some good and mind your business only.

You are suggesting that marriage is the ultimate goal

It suggests that marriage is the ultimate goal and it belittles every other goal or achievement the person has made or is making. It also suggests that the person is incomplete without getting married and this is so false. Marriage in itself cannot complete you and marriage is not the ultimate goal in life.

They sincerely don’t need to be reminded

Single people don’t need to be reminded about marriage. The whole world is a constant reminder. Some wish to get married someday, so stop reminding them that time is running out and they are not getting any younger.

The question suggests something is probably wrong with them

No one wants to feel they are inadequate or incomplete. So when you ask such a question, it suggests there is something wrong with them psychologically, physically or whatever area they’ll imagine.

Emotional Pressure

This question can lead to so much worry and pressure which a right-thinking person won’t want to create for anybody. So quit asking this intrusive and exasperating question and let people just live. Imagine all you can accomplish in your personal life with the time and attention you would have used to query a single person! Astounding.

Good luck as you fix up.Temitope Ikusika



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