50 hustles any Nigerian can start with little capital right now

These are very hard times. In the immortal words of Jude ‘MI’ Abaga,


But even MI found a way to make his money enter faster. You can too. If you don’t have any job, and need that income. If you have one but need more income streams, then this one’s for you.

1. Hairdressing.

Look, if you have this skill, it can fetch you good money even on weekends. Start with your friends. A true friend is the one that helps your hustle. So say to your friend today, “That time you said you wanted me to make more money…”Omawumi mean me well

2. Tailoring.

There are so many great tailors in Nigeria today. But guess the one thing that’d make everybody choose your over them? Deliver on time. You and referrals will be like,

Zuma together

3. Drycleaning.

Do you know how much you’d make if you converted every working class person in your neighbourhood to your customer?



4. Graphic Design.

There are few skills more in demand that a graphic designer these days. Whether for small businesses or corporations, if by any chance you can use those interesting design tools, get better at it. Monetise.



5. Photography.

Everything from product photography to event photography can earn you a living. Start off with a camera.


6. Babysitting.

Your weekends are free? And you can stand the endless tantrums of little children? This is you. Many people want to go for Owambe on weekends and don’t know what to do with their children.




7. Writing.

Some blogs and websites are willing to pay for your amazing words. Start now.

Bruce typing


8. Farming.

Nigerians can decide to not drive to work. Nigerians can afford to wear fewer clothes. The one things Nigerians will never do is stop eating. Think about the fact that local production still cannot meet demand.


9. Catering.

Somewhere in Nigeria, someone is looking for somebody to cook their jollof at their next party. That person could be you.


10. Private fitness instructor.


You love your body so much? Everybody is teasing that they want to be like you? How about they pay you to have your type of body?


11. Master of Ceremony.

If you have sweet mouth and good packaging, this one is for you.


12. Event Planning.

You don’t need any degree for this. You just need to be able to deliver.


13. Carpooling.

Kinda like when you arrange with colleagues or neighbours on your route to pay for morning and evening rides. The more the merrier, the cashier.


14. Farm logistics.

There’s someone at a market in Lagos surrounded by people begging for his truck of tomatoes. And he’s doing shakara like no man’s business.


15. Makeup.

Everything from little change and empires have been built splashing paint and foundation on people’s faces.


16. Home Tutor.

You’d make good money if you can create a pool of kids to teach. And they’ll tell their friends and crushes.


17. Painting.

The skills required for painting are quite basic and can be mastered over time. Plus, you’ll probably have boys who would do most of the painting anyway.


18. Broker.

This is simply helping people find buyers for their stuff, or even connecting people who have a service to render. It could be finding buyers for everything from phones to houses for rent.


19. Artist.

What better way to make a living by making people pay you to do your hobby?


20. Modelling.

Sani Olajumoke

21. Home cleaning

Yep. People get paid for this. Find them. Start with your social media circles.


22. Bouncer.

Your hench can earn you good money on weekends. Those bouncers earn good money to maintain order.


23. Programming.

Code is the new oil. Learn code today.


24. Social Media Management.

Several small businesses need someone to manage their social media profiles. You could charge a few businesses to help them do this and earn good money.


25. PR.

Many brands want to be seen. What can you do to give them that visibility?


26. Editor

Attention to detail? Check. Writing knowledge? Check. If you have this and more, get it going.


27. Chef

If your food can make all your friends genuinely happy, it can make customers happy. Find busy people. Cook their soups for them. You can even deliver if they like.


28. Bookkeeper/Accounting.

Several small businesses hit confusion when they start to balance books. Your accounting degree can earn you some extra cash on the side.


29. Haulage.

Moving heavy is stuff hell. If you have a van wasting in your house it can help you start your own small haulage business. Even if it is just people moving houses or trying to get a lot of stuff from point A to B.


30. Massage therapy.

Forget about getting a spa for a moment. Do you have the hands and the oil to make any pain go away?


31. Promoter.

People make a living simply by making a lot of noise about events. Find who to make noise for.


32. Recycler.

Yep. All that waste is someone’s wealth. Companies like Wecyclers are willing to help you make money from your trash.


33. Housing agent.

Agents get up to 20% commission when they help people find houses. They have no certificates for that. Do you have the empty houses and contacts?


34. DJ’ing.

You don’t even need a turn table to start off these days. Most people start off with their computers.


35. Researching.

Be rest assured someone somewhere is willing to pay you to help them research for everything from a term paper to a thesis.


36. Language teacher.

Know any foreign languages? French? Arabic? Chinese? Teach someone and let them pay you.


37. Voice-Over/Narrator

Femi Sowoolu is a media guru, but he’s most famous for being the iconic narrator for Guilder and several other ads and TVCs.


38. Video Editor

The most common form of it today is in the social media celebrities, mostly comedians. You can find your own niche.


39. Digital Marketing

Many people who have good, paying digital marketing jobs didn’t learn it at University. They put their Internet to good use. There’s Coursera, Shaw Academy, and so much more.


40. Web Design

Yep. You can learn this too on the Internet. Commitment is key.


41. Music teacher

Most kids these days are being made to learn one musical instrument or the other. If you have the skills, then it can make you some extra cash.


42. Barber.

The average non-afro keeper barbs his hair once in 2 weeks. Imagine how much you’d make if you started a home service that won’t even require you to pay rent or something.


43. Blogging.

There are so many blogs today. But there are also so many blogs who aren’t giving people the type of content they’d like to see.


44. Swimming Instructor

If you can swim really well, then you probably can teach someone how to.


45. Delivery Service.

Many small businesses still have this challenge. You might hit gold if you tap into this properly.


46. Printer.

Heard of Printivo? They print everything from mugs to souvenirs. And they do it well. You can give them a run for their money.


47. Knittting

Fashion is trends a lot of the time. Find your market and knit your way to the bank. A Nigerian knitter made this,



48. Beadmaking

There’s an owambe every weekend. That’s more women needing matching accessories. It is not difficult to learn and all you’ll be leading is creativity and commitment.

49. Baking

Everyone has a birthday. That’s a potential cake to be baked.


50. Investment.

If you have no spare time and you have money lying in the bank, get that money to work for you. Find small businesses. Help them and your money grow.

Remember, there’s no hustle that’s belittling as long as its legit and it pays. The only belittling thing is being broke all the time.

Obama out


Share with everyone.

Written by Jasmine, a freelance Accountant. When she’s not balancing books, she’s spending her free time sharing financial hacks on Twitter. Email her: [email protected]




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