5 wedding services you don’t know exist

Are you prancing through wedding la- la land to have the perfect wedding? Do you suddenly realize you need a service only at the last minute? Here are five wedding services you may not know about unless you make a conscious effort to search for them in this part of the world:



Entertainment Curation

This service is for the couple that wants to jazz up their wedding with models donning carnival costumes and exotic body paint while having professional dancers on podiums in their Las Vegas themed wedding after party. Entertainment curators, as the name, indicates bring your wild yet unique dreams to reality.

Photo Credit:Carrara Nour

Wardrobe Styling

Brides hire stylists to get them in formation during their whole wedding journey with a supply of dresses, fabrics, shoes and accessories. Stylists are typically used for pre-wedding shoots, introduction ceremonies, bridal showers, traditional and white wedding ceremonies and of course, the grand finale wedding reception!

Photo Credit: cochicstyling.com

Wedding Choreographers

Do you have the two left legs syndrome? Not to worry! Choreographers in this category can choreograph anything from your first dance as a couple to your traditional dance entrance with your aso-ebi girls.

Photo Credit:squarespace.com

Bridal Train Models

Believe it or not, people hire models to pose as bridesmaids on their wedding day just to have a perfect number of ladies on their train. Having the perfect number of bridesmaids will seemingly make the pictures look good and avoid speculations that the bride has a shortage of friends! As controversial as this service sounds, it’s being used by a few brides.


Honeymoon Curators

Chances are you may not have time as a couple to research and book the perfect location for a honeymoon and a corresponding activity line-up. Leave this service to a professional travel agent that specializes in curating romantic getaways leaving you to hop on a plane and treasure your experience, as long as you can pay for it!


The more ‘uncommon’ a wedding service is, the more expensive it is. This is because these are considered luxury services which most people may not readily be able to afford and are definitely not classed as ‘needs.’ Have you had or would you be interested in any of these services? Everyone tries to get the best deal during weddings; if you can’t afford it, then don’t push to have it!

Written by Feso Adeniji



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