5 ways Linda Ikeji and Wizkid are more alike than they are different

When Linda Ikeji and Wizkid are in the same news, you can be sure its not because they were spotted hanging out.

But we think they need to chill, because in all honesty, they are more alike than they are different.

For starters;

1. The both started at the bottom.

Linda Ikeji never forgets to tell us about her humble beginnings, from UNILAG to cyber cafes, to trying out modelling etc.

Linda Ikeji throwback

Wizkid is so “started from the bottom” that one of his biggest songs ever was about him sending us to Ojuelegba to ask people about his story. You know, back when, to the days he used to be known as Lil-Prinz.



2. They are very successful by many standards.

In the time she has been active, Linda Ikeji’s blog has become the most visited Nigerian site for gossip news about Nigeria and everywhere else news can be copied and pasted aggregated. And the money is rolling in as we speak.

girl money gif


Its safe to say she’s the King of the Nigerian blogosphere.

Wizkid has never written a blog post, but he has dropped hits, back to back, that have made Alicia Keys step to his sound and Drake want to work with him enough to reach out to him. Is he the biggest Nigerian artiste at the moment? Without a doubt.


3. Sometimes, petty as hell.

Like when Wizkid was subtly saying Linda has poverty mentality, when it was just a pot and kettle matter. Then how he won’t stop obsessing about how Linda is not married. And then Linda’s most recent come back when she said she didn’t want to destroy Wizkid’s career, and how she told her many readers that she won’t expose the secret that Wizkid is not 25.



4. They always flash for us but its never intentional.

Wizkid said he doesn’t like showing off, but he’s sending 1,000 kids to school, and then the ‘lowkey’ behaviour littered all over his Instagram. Linda doesn’t like showing off too, she just does it when people pressure her to do it or when she’s trying to tell young girls not to sleep with men for money.

How righteous and cute that is.

Kanye smile laugh

5. They don’t have that many friends.

Wizkid called Linda lonely. Linda said Wizkid is surrounded by fake friends.

Davido and Wizkid


But with this endless back and forth, there’s this story we are all familiar with.

Remember when we were in primary school and someone calls the person we secretly like our sweetheart? We’d rant and rage and form vex, but deep down we’re like,

Caleon dance


So Linda and Wizzy, you both should just be best friends, so you can stop googling each other and you know, talk to each other before going to bed every night. Who knows where it might go from there?

Caleon You this boy




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.


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