5 times Nigerian hotels took the ‘home away from home’ thing far too seriously

Nigerians take things too literally sometimes. While we might have some of Africa’s finest hotels, this piece is about the worst of the worst.

1. Those evil mosquitoes.

No one described it better than Efe.

Just because, a Nigerian home will never be complete without mosquitoes wreaking havoc. Lets not even get to the cockroach or rats part.

2.  PHCN nko?

The name might change, but the behaviour is the same.kanye shake head gif

When the light goes off in the hotel and you call the reception for an explanation, they’ll tell you they don’t put on the generator till 6pm, and you’ll now start thinking about your life.

gaze gif

And while you’re sleeping and happy that it is going to be a good night, the generator will go off, and they’ll tell you fuel has finished.


3. No security.

You hear a knock on the door. You check, and it is armed robbers.

Okon Trouble


And you start thinking, ‘Who sent me message? How will I tell them it is my last money I used to pay for the room?’

4. Dirty rooms.

This one explains itself.

5. What is a customer service?

After calling and no one picks, you go downstairs to the reception to complain that your tap is no longer rushing and the reception just looks at you like.


Next time, before you check in to a hotel, make sure you’ve checked out reviews.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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