5 things we love about Falz’s ‘Soldier’ short music film

Falz has done it again, in collaboration with the impeccable voice of Simi and the famous lenses of Clarence Peters.

Clapping crying


To be honest, we were already getting tired of all the cheesy videos Clarence Peters has been shooting lately, but with this one, Clarence is back in the game.

Salute Roc Boys

The video doesn’t start out in a club, or with somebody stretching on the bed waking up in the morning to brush his teeth.Yawn


Instead, the short music film Soldier tells the story of a village baby girl doing shakara for a soldier man. After all his moves fail (they were wack anyway), soldier man then proceeds to leave the village, heartbroken, only for one militant to come and kidnap baby girl.

Falz, as a bahd guy, returns to save his damsel in distress.


It starts out in the heat of the action, with Falz and his comrades rescuing Simi the damsel.


From this guy and his henchmen.



So here are the things we love the most about this film;

1. The location is on-point.

They wanted to shoot a film about soldier and village damsel, so they did not go to Oriental hotel. They went to the village. Not like some of our music videos that they’ll be popping champagne and be talking about how Nigeria is hard.

confused baby


2. Give it up for the costume and props.


We have soldiers actually looking like actual combatant soldiers, complete with the well fitted uniforms. Although we have to admit the green off-duty khakis are not 100%, we give it to them for taking the time to actually make uniforms for the cast.

3. Originality 2.0.

The bad belles in this video, a militant group, are clearly local, with local objectives, and local props. Their accents are local. Nobody was forming big English, no village mother was speaking in Queen’s English. Nobody was doing makeup to dry cloth early in the morning.

4. And the product placement?

Coke Ello Bae

Sharp. Lasted less than a second, but it did its job, not like the one that D’banj wanted to use SLOT to kill us in his ‘Emergency’ video.

Let us not even talk about Olamide’s ‘Welcome To Lagos’ video please.


5. The story deserves more.

The thing with this film is, not only does it take a very common plot (man rescues damsel in distress from evil forces) and still manage to make it look dope, it is that kind of film that keeps you glued from start to finish, because lets face it, not many people are doing great stuff like this in short film in these parts. You have to give it up for Chioma Onyenwe who helped make this an enjoyable story.

The film pulls a Nollywood on us and ends with this.

To be continued

So yes this film deserves more simply because we want more.

Would we be asking for too much if we ask for a full-length film?

Black childPlease?

Watch the short film here.




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