5 things we find amazing about The Encounter movie

The Encounter


1. It is based off a non-fiction short story.

The Encounter is based on a short story by historian Henry Onyema. It centers around the final moments of Emmanuel Ifeajuna, who is to be executed for an alleged plot to topple the Biafran government.

2. The acting is almost flawless.

Ifeajuna is summoned for one last meeting with the commander-in-chief of Biafra, General Emeka Ojukwu.



The main characters are two friends with ideas poles apart which makes for brilliant dialogue. Not only is it thought provoking, it educates us on the ideas of the youth at the time and the things they set out to achieve.

Gregory Ojefua and Amara Onoh play the role of the main characters, General Emeka Ojukwu and Emmanuel Ifeajuna respectively.

3. It is a short film, but its potent effect lingers.

The Encounter1

The 22-minute film not only tells its story brilliantly, it captures with quality film making, something we crave for very much from Nigeria.

4. It answers an important question we all asked in primary school.

Olympic Exercise

The film also tells an important piece of our sports history, something which stared us in the face all through most of our childhood but we seem to have ignored as the years rolled by.

Emmanuel Ifeajuna


Emmanuel Ifeajuna is the high jumper on our exercise books. He became the first black man to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth in 1954. In the film, we find out what became of him.

5. Everyone (not) interested in Nigerian history should watch it.

This is an important movie that deserves every accolade it gets. It captures a very important moment in the events that shaped Nigeria’s present and it brings many things into perspective.

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