5 things that could happen if the Lagos hawking ban is enforced

Lagos State Government is back again with their efficient poverty alleviation tactic;

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Its that type where they get to eradicate poverty by eradicating poor people.

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So what are the impications of this ban?

1. You are going to starve to death inside Lagos traffic.

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No Gala. No Plantain Chips. No pure water. Kuku kill us.

2. If you don’t starve, your sweat will kill you inside Lagos traffic.

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Because nobody to even sell handkerchief. But to the more important things;


3. Jobs will be lost.

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You might not know, but you see thousands of street traders every week. From the hundreds hawking in traffic, to your favourite boli or roasted corn woman. To that dude carrying yoghurts on his shoulder to sell. All of them could either choose unemployment or a 90,000 naira fine.



4. Remember UAC foods? Those guys that have been making Gala sausages since forever?

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Yep. A significant part of the revenue the generate happens in  traffic. Imagine what would happen when they don’t make as much Gala because demand has fallen. Jobs. Will. Go.




5. Have you ever seen a traffic seller chasing a car before?

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If he loses his job and decides to start chasing people and snatching their bags, how will you catch him?


Our elders say,

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The progress of our society is not only by what the elite few accomplish, but by the standard of living of the masses.

Obama out


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When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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