5 reasons Nigerians dig the side hustle

You know the woman that sweeps your street early in the morning? What you don’t know is that she also works elsewhere later in the day. That civil servant is going to work with her lunch pack and a small box of gold she intends to sell to her colleagues at the office.

So here you are, done with school. You see yourself heading down a career path you know you have no intention to spend the rest of your life on, so you start working on a side alternative.

Enter the Side Hustle.

We compiled a few reasons Nigerians love the side hustle:

That extra buck is key.

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Because there’s really no such thing as too much money. Its why Aliko Dangote is grinding every day. There are more and more bills to pay. Its mostly not because of the love of money. Its what money can do really.

New exposure.

When you try new stuff, you get new exposure and new perspectives. Now guess who’s getting better?


Your brain loves it.

Jim Carey

Taking up a side hustle is like drinking garri with ice cubes learning a new language, or learning how to use a new instrument; your brain loves it. The more you push your mind muscle, the fitter it gets.

It could lead to a career change.

There was this UNILAG girl who was side hustling as a waitress and model; for the money clearly. She thought being a model might be a great idea. She also had a side hobby which quickly transformed to side hustle when the first ad revenue came. Yep, you guessed right. Now she lives in Banana Island.


Its where you can chase your true passion.

A poll in the US revealed about 70% of Americans hate their current jobs. That number is probably higher in Nigeria. If you are one of those in Nigeria who do, the side hustle may be where you will find happiness. The side hustle is where you’ll loosen up. The side hustle will be your therapy, as long as you strike the balance well.

I mean, look at how Spiderman does it; part time journo, part time superhero.


Here’s one more story for you;

A company making computers decided to try out a new side project. They chose mobile phones. Today, those phones are the best selling product from that company and one of the best selling worldwide.


Meet, the iPhone.

PS: The side chick/boyfriend role does not qualify as a hustle.



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