5 post-NYSC punches you won’t see coming (till they hit you)

NYSC is not really beans, especially when you spent your year CDS’ing aimlessly.



Big ups to you for finally graduating along with the hundred thousand others in your batch.

Black woman shock

That should get us started.

You have come a long way. First, you (along with everybody else) wanted to be a doctor/engineer/lawyer. Some stuck with that.

Then you wanted to build our own million dollar empire. Some stuck with that.

And so in school, you nurtured those dreams, through the out-of-date curricula, through the strikes, through NYSC and the monthly stipends, till this day that you have been declared “good to go.”

If at this point, you have nothing to hold on to, your life is about to have a new motto;

“I never hezpererrit.”

Imagine a boxer in his prime, dancing before you. They call him Post-NYSC and he has been fucking people up for a long long time now. The first sucker punch is this.

Nobody is playing on these streets.

This punch makes you dizzy.


Add the fact that they are also very slippery. Plus, everyone is so busy chasing their business, nobody has your time, and it starts to feel like they don’t care.

Forgive your uncles and aunties who can’t remember where they kept your CVs. Forgive them if they accidentally wrote a shopping list for the house help at the back of the CV you printed with your money. Forgive them if they can’t remember when they ever promised you that a job was almost certainly waiting for you after service.


They don’t hate you, they are just very busy with their own priorities, and this might hurt, but you are not number one. They have lives too, and maybe kids to cater for.

But your wallet isn’t smiling either and being at home doesn’t feel as comfortable as it used to.

Its then it hits you in the gut.

Say bye bye to allawee. Forever.

Fainted gif

Asking for money from your parents isn’t as easy as it used to be now. They might not be saying it, but they don’t want you lying around the house. It is at this stage that breaking a glass cup becomes treason, or staying out late means you’d love to move out.

So you are compelled by the force of necessity to get a job badly.

And then you realise.

There are not that many jobs out there.

gaze gif

Jobberman and co. have become your new Nairaland, and Twitter, and Facebook, all in one. There’s always a job site tab open on your phone asides from the fact that you subscribed to all the possible email notifications. A few people find amazing opportunities there. Many don’t. You start to wonder what you want to do with your life and it is now you realise;

You need a Plan B.

Betting Gif

Now take your certificate. Keep it in a dark place where no light can reach. Then ask yourself, what else is there?

If there’s nothing, then there just might be a major problem. You need skills, alternatives that can help you make a living.

Many of the successful entrepreneurs today aren’t even making a living from what they studied in school.

Do not lose hope.


Opportunities are abound nonetheless. Maybe you are just looking in the wrong place. Maybe you need to stop whining and start doing something.

When you see no window of opportunity, break down the wall with anything you can find! Just don’t use a bomb or the police and military will be there waiting to take you down.

Well, maybe.



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