5 Nigerian artistes that can learn a thing or two from Jamie Foxx

The last time American actor Jamie Foxx appeared in an action movie, he was a villain trying to destroy the amazing spiderman.

On Monday night this week, he redeemed himself and became an all-American hero when he saved a life by pulling a driver out of a burning car, just in time before it went up in flames.

Jamie Foxx


Isn’t that just bad ass?

Coming home to Nigerian celebrities, we know they can’t save us from the nosedive of the Naira, or the furniture costs in the budget, we know Seyi Shay can’t couldn’t save herself from the Twa-twi-twooo, but there are a few things they can rescue. For themselves.

1. Davido

Remember when Omo Baba Olowo released a statement regarding his “head-butting” baby mama?

“I met Sophia when I was barely 21 years old. She was many years older than me and was able to exploit my youth, naivety, and generosity.”

Imagine how differently the story would have played out if O.B.O had simply saved himself some drama by making sure all that *insert appropriate word* ended up in a little sack of latex, or better still, closed his legs?

Apparently, he learned now, since he’s an advocate of keeping legs closed using condoms. Praise the Lord.

2. Dammy Krane

This enterkraner might be for the boys and repping the girls but he’s definitely not for Wizkid. Dammy Krane was ranting on Twitter last week about the streets and stolen songs. He claimed that “the streets” was in his pocket just as he was accusing Wizkid of stealing his song. Lets not forget that we all surrendered the street to Olamide earlier, at trashgunpoint.

Perhaps, he could have saved that juice for Wizkid when he met him at Quilox and maybe unleashed the streets. Sadly, the streets couldn’t save his jaw from Wizkid.

Dammy krane


Where are the streets when you need ’em?

4. Tonto Dikeh


Dear Tonto, we are happy you’re married and all, but we need you to come and save us from this boredom. Your drama is sorely missed.

5. Ice Prince

This man is why we are here in the first place. Panshak Zamani is an all-round great guy. He helped MI and Waje escape from the Bad Belle HQ in the Action Film music video.

Ice Prince

He brought in good money for Choc City, he’s doing okay with with Cool Cats, dating Mai…

Wollup Gif

Reports are saying that while she was in a relationship with Ice, she was seeing one other Akinbode in Abuja.

He even went on Twitter defending Maima when the trolls came. Whatever what happens next between him and his lover, we’d remember this episode with the words of MI Abaga;

Ice Prince stood up for his girl when it would have been easier to say nothing… Respect him from protecting her first.

Clapping crying

Even if he doesn’t save this one, he’s still our guy. Even Spiderman couldn’t save everyone.




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