5 essential tips to becoming husband material, according to Tiwa Savage

I’m going to say that I made a mistake. I’m not ashamed to say it at this point.

That was Tiwatope ‘Tiwa’ Savage, driving the final nail in the coffin of her marriage to Tunji ‘Teebillz’ Balogun in her recent clear-the-air interview.


Tiwa doesn’t appear to be interested in getting married for now. She can’t be bothered really, because, you know, she’s all pro-forget-societal-pressure.

But if you ever want to get her in one of those really nice white dresses again,


She did drop a few tips.

1. You have to work, dude.

Work work work

This is a major key. It is not her business whether or not Sai Baba has delivered on his 3 million jobs per year pledge. If you can get a haircut regularly, you should be able to get to work regularly.

2. You don’t have to be a millionaire.

You don’t have to drive an Escalade EXT, a Porshe Boxster or a Audi TT. You don’t even have to buy her no diamond rings.

Toye unmade money

And man, if you don’t have money to pay for the balance on your Mercedes, don’t buy it. Just don’t.

You just need to be able to bring something to the table. The question is, what is it?

Will have my heart

3. Be a helper.

She’s not saying you should eat Efo and start washing her undies.

Julius Agwu undies

You can if you like, democracy and all that. But then, she could hire someone else to do that. Really, she just wants to know you can help her when she needs an extra hand, or extra brain, or extra body.

Mug of tea

4. And please, no more debts.


Put conscience inside the matter. How will you feel when it is looking like you’re fetching water inside basket?

5. Most importantly, get your priorities right.

When the time comes, will you choose between your barber and baby milk?

Black child

Will you be there for your wife, or will you be doing Edible Catering? When you collect 45 million loan, will you lose it or use it to buy something for your wife and son?

If you think you can pull these off, then Tiwa might just whisper this to you one day,

Tiwa heart

So who’s interested?





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