4 Nollywood theories that explain why this man is backing a baby

A photo surfaced on the Internet, of some man backing a baby while people took exams.

Prof back

We quickly ran the photo through our Nollywood software programme to understand why the man was doing this, and the results came fast.




Why would a man carry a baby on his back? There are possible explanations.

1. His wife has given him Efo.

Julius Agwu undies


Call it multivitamin if you like. But you see, in Nollywood, when a woman goes to see one Baba, and then he gives her small powder that looks like table salt, and that powder enters the husband’s soup, Oga will just turn to Akpan inside the house.


2. His wife left him and the baby for a rich man.



Because who loyalty done epp? When baby girl is tired of living inside house where there’s no fuel for “I big pass my neighbour” generator, she’ll move on to the Mikano life.


3. The man is unemployed so the wife turned him to houseboy.



So any day he doesn’t complete his chores, he’s not even allowed to sleep in the bedroom. Because no comfort, or knacks for lazy man.


4. He is following Babalawo’s instruction.

Babalawo baby


Think about it, would you recommend ordinary backing of baby for money rituals, or you’ll advise the man to go the Kanayo O. Kanayo way?

Kanayo dollars



5. Or maybe he is just a normal man trying to help out.

Prof back2


Yyep. Yep. A Professor in Cote D’voire was invigilating some students when the baby of a mother taking exams started crying. As you can see, he stepped up, and backed the baby, so the mother could write her exams in peace.

Now, take a moment, imagine a lecturer in your University in this situation, what do you think he’d do?

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When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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