4 legends whose stories totally deserve the movie treatment

Nigeria’s history is rich with stories of heroes and extraordinary people; male and female. Sadly a lot of these stories are not being told, or aren’t told nearly well enough.

We know everything about Zeus and next to nothing about Amadioha for one reason- Hollywood.

Nollywood needs to step up to the task.

Here are four legends they can start with.

1. Queen Amina

Queen Amina of Zaria

What we know?

She ruled as warrior-queen in Zazzau, now Zaria. She is credited with the construction of the famous Wall of Zaria.

How it can be spun?

There are so many stories to tell from the life of Amina. Like how she was raised by her mother, or the wars with other Northern states, or the build up to the Wall of Zaria. According to reports, a movie is in the works already, and its being directed by Okey Ogujiofor, the man who kicked off what has now become Nollywood by producing the landmark Living in bondage.

2. Bayajidda


What we know?

The legend says he was a prince from Baghdad who migrated to the Kanem-Bornu empire, married the princess, fell out with her father, fled to Daura, killed a serpent that was terrorising the people and married the local queen Magajiya.

How it should be spun?

We hear someone made a Hausa movie of this already but we haven’t seen it, which is why we need another. Maybe Ramsey Nouah or OC Ukeje in the lead role; with a convincing Hausa accent of course.

3. Eringa

What we don’t know

Very little is know about Eringa, but she is believed to have been a powerful wrestler who slammed every man to the ground. Except her husband of course, what kind of girl do you take her for? We still think she’d look like this.

Half Warrior. Half Baby Girl.
Half Warrior. Half Baby Girl.

4. Sango


What we know?

Warrior. King. Deity. Sango is the ultimate epic movie material. Someone already made a Sango movie in 1999, but we all know that Sango deserves more. Like; Sango And the waterfall mutant (Oya, his concubine), Sango and the battle of Oyo, Sango and the axe of destiny, Sango and the staff of Oranmiyan. You get the drift.

Which other legends do you think should get their own big budget movie productions?



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