23 Nigerian wedding vendors unite for the biggest traditional wedding photo shoot ever

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The biggest wedding photo shoot ever in Nigeria was recently done by a group of 23 wedding vendors, led by Oluwatobi Ceomania of Ceomania Alaso-Oke & Seyi Adegeye of Rare Magic.

We are in awe of the attention to detail and sheer beauty of the pictures produced by this collaborative effort, but perhaps even more intriguing is the purpose behind it: to showcase the beauty of cultural co-existence. Inter-ethnic marriages have done a lot to promote tolerance and celebration of our different cultures.

The use of varying colours in this shoot is no coincidence: “We should blend the way colours do” they say. Each distinct, but all contributing to the beauty and richness of the w

The Akugbe collaborative marriage performance is aimed at preaching the beauty of cultural co-existence as a Nation.


The Akugbe story is a beautiful union between an Edo family and a Yoruba family whose relations and friendships flow across the river Niger.

The bride, Isimeme, the only daughter of the Ogbezuwas is from Benin; her mother is an Igbo woman from Anambra.

hole picture.

They named it The Akugbe.



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