20 photos only people who attended a Nigerian university can relate to

There are two types of University experiences; the normal University experience and the Nigerian University experience. The following photos explain what it is like getting a degree in a Nigerian University.

1. When you enter university determined to make your entire village proud.


2. All seems well until you see your first semester GPA.

Will smith shock

I reject it.

3. You start to ginger.

I need help

4. But your GPA doesn’t even rise at all and then you are like, ”fuck it.”


5. In your second year you start to wonder what exactly brought you to university.


6. You’re thinking about dropouts who made billions of dollars.


7. But then you think of what your mother will say when you tell her you want to drop out.

Patience Ozokwor slap

8. You pick yourself up and things start to get better.


9. Then you mistakenly have one carry over.


10. Then it dawns on you, final year.


11. When you are taking a carry over course and you have no idea what is happening in the class.

Lindsey Lohan

12. Then your project deadline is creeping up on you but you got this. Nothing will stop you now.

Bruce typing

13. Finals are here, but the pressure is just too much and nothing is entering.



14. All your free time is spent begging God for a miracle.

Lord give me a sign.
Lord give me a sign.

15. And then the exams begin

Mr Bean

16. Results are trickling in one by one.

panic gif

17. And you are calculating your CGPA as each course is released.

Betting Gif

18. Someone calls you to tell you they saw one of your results and it’s an F.


19. You go and check.


20. Finally, success. They did not want you to graduate but you finally did.



Na Godwin.



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