19 funny photos for any woman with monthly period struggles

1. You start to get the warning cramps.


Brace yourselves, the storm is coming.


2. You have a completely messed up calendar so you walk around with an emergency pad in your bag.



*Playing police and thief with period*


3. And then it comes earlier than you expected.

Raven symone3


You sly bastard.


4. Or it comes late.



Ya wehcome. How journey?


5. It just comes.

Ketchup spill


Blood be screaming “Pharaoh let my people goooo!”


6. More cramps and you start to question your very existence.

Beyonce cry

Lord. Why me?


7. And then taking a shit is not as inspiring as it used to be.

Nene leakes time


Nah. Not today.


8. What about taking a shower?

Blood shower




9. You want to drink yoghurt with cake and scream at the person beside you because you felt their breath same time you felt one more pimple spring out.

Screaming woman




10. You sneeze and the tap opens again.

Blood woman


Here we go again.


11. When you feel like you’re dying but someone still expects you to smile back.

screams internally chrissy


Okay, you can have the smile.


12. Then someone who has never had a period says, “Haba! Is it not ordinary period”.




13. You just finished crying and now you don’t know why you’re laughing.

Uzo fake smile


*Next cry loading*


14. And then you look in the mirror and start to feel like you added 10kg.

I feel fat




15. You can’t tell if the foolish boys are looking at your bums or a stain.

Raven symone4



16. Making sure no one is watching when you get up so you can check the seat because you don’t trust these pads.

side eye


17. And then suddenly, you realise your period has stopped.

Raven Symone dancing



18. But then it pops back again.

Raven symone life

Is that how you used to do?


19. And then it finally goes.

Raven symone dance


Bye Bloodicia. See you next month.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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