18 things that have happened since Sharapova last beat Serena Williams

November 2004.

Maria Sharapova beat Serena Williams to win the WTA Championship. It should have been the match to begin a great rivalry, but it didn’t. Between then and now, Serena has given it to Sharapova like its hot.

18 times. Back to back to back.

Credit: AP
Credit: AP

The thrashing has come of age.

When Sharapova dreams of tennis in her sleep, we bet this is what she sees.

Serena gif

Do a Twitter Search for Maria Sharapova and this is what you will find.

Search Result Maria Sharapova

It is that deep.

We made a list of things that have happened, mostly in Nigeria since Sharapova last beat Williams.

In politics.

1. Nigeria has had four presidents.


2. Goodluck Jonathan has been deputy governor, governor, vice president, president and pensioner.

photo: politicoscope

3. Boko Haram has died with Mohammed Yusuf, risen with Shekau. Shekau has died, risen, died, risen, died, risen.

Shekau meme

4. Buhari has lost, lost again, cried like a baby and then become President.


That last laugh.

In numbers.

5. The dollar has risen from 130 Naira to over 300 naira in the black market.

Will smith shock

6. Sim Cards have gone from 30,000 to buy one, get one free.


In entertainment.

7. On-Air Personalities have actually become celebrities.


8. Blackface has claimed his song was stolen by 2face, back to back, his career lost and found and re-lost then his style jacked by Wizkid.


Izz a hard life.

9. Mo’Hits dropped hits, failed to take the heat of discord, then disbanded.


But, its Don Jazzy again.

10. Morachi, AY.com, and Azadus (remember them?) have dropped hits and vapourised.


11. Lil Kesh has written junior WAEC, senior WAEC, JAMB, entered University, dropped out and dropped hit singles back to back.

lil kesh

12. Nigerians have danced galala, suo, konto, yahooze, alanta, azonto, alingo and shoki.


13. Styl Plus’ Four years have waka’d.


Riddle: They went to eat at a particular buka, and left their music Olufunmi there. Whats the buka’s name?

14. 9ice’s music career has come and gone is going.

www.partyjollof.com 9ice 2face gif

Read his lips, yep. He’s reminding you of that Grammy he promised.

In sports.

15. Mikel was Messi’s rival in 2005, joined Chelsea, and has had a long and successful bench career.


16. Nigeria has won the African nations cup.


17. Arsenal still hasn’t won the Premier League.


18. Taiye Taiwo is still 30 years old.

Taiye Taiwo



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