18 photos only tall people can relate to

You know who everyone sees first? The tall person.

Here are a few things you can relate to if you are the tallest in the park.

1. Your name automatically becomes tallest.


2. When everyone thinks you are wasting your height if you aren’t playing basketball.

obama stressed

3. When you are the groom and people think your bride is the flower girl.

Tallest man

4. Or your groom is the ring bearer.

Tall bride

5. Shorter people want to “collect” small height.

If I slap you

6. When everybody is asking you what you ate when you were small.

Kanye meme

7. Is your mummy or daddy tall?



8. Or everybody is saying “you’re not tall, you’re long.”

Pretend to have sense

9. When you have to go home sad every time because your size is not in the market.

leaving crying

10. Your shoe size doesn’t even make matters any better.


11. You have to know your height because someone is going to ask you about it everyday.


12. When all the guys are saying “You suppose get plenty babes na!”


13. When you are a girl and boys think you’re proud because, eye level.

Samuel L Jackson

14. When all the public buses don’t fit because your leg is too long.

Jordan Crying

15. And you have to be rich so you can buy SUVs.

Man in small car

16. Everybody assumes you can sort out electrical stuff.

Ice Cube ehn

17. You have learnt to go out less often unless you are comfortable with people looking at you like an alien.


18. You see people looking up and you think they are praying but they are actually just looking you in the eye.

looking up



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