17 times we activated our own Omawumi interview walkout moments

You’ve probably heard about Omawumi’s walkout from an interview with Zinnia.

Omawumi walkout


We have all had our Omawumi moments and here are a few things you’ll surely relate to.

1. When you enter a buka and they tell you dodo has finished.

Omawumi walkout


What is the need?

2. When Buhari checks the budget again, and he sees that it is still padded with funny money.

Omawumi walkout

Send back the badgat.


3. When you enter danfo and the conductor says “no change no enter oh!”

Omawumi walkout

You think you’re doing me?

4. Pilot: We’re now arriving Lagos, please remain seated and fasten your seat-belts.


Omawumi walkout

Abeg abeg no time.

5. Computer software: Your 30-day trial period is almost over, please upgra…


Omawumi walkout

I’ll just go and download another one since you people are not serious.


6. Wedding MC: Can the couple come out to dance for us?


Omawumi walkout

Only couple? Never. We’re coming.

7. Instagram Fashion Designer: You’ll have to make payments before the dress is delivered.


Omawumi walkout

You must be joking.


8. When a Nigerian father attends an interview and they don’t introduce him with his titles.

Omawumi walkout


Put some respeck on my name.


9. When you click a download link for free music and it re-directs to iTunes.

Omawumi walkout

Notjustok where are you?


10. Job interviewer: We need a programmer who can do graphic design and has a passion for telling stories through writing.

Omawumi walkout


11. NYSC PPA: We don’t pay allowee, and you must show up at work a…

Omawumi walkout Bye sir.


12. British-Nigerian: Mum I need to travel back for my Masters

Mum: Won’t you wait and do NYSC first?

Omawumi walkout

Holler back when you fix your light.

13. Random person: Asa is not even that good a singer, she’s just…

Omawumi walkout

You must be mad.


14. When you go on a first date, and the guy says he wants to marry you but that you must call his younger brother’s uncle.

Omawumi walkout


15. When a guy says on the first date, “I need somebody that will be perfect like my mother”.

Omawumi walkout


Kuku say you are looking for nanny.


16. Guy: I’ve bought you shawarma, when are you going to come and eat my own shawarma like this?

Omawumi walkout


Waawu. Is that how you used to do?



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