17 things that could go wrong when Pokemon Go officially reaches Nigeria

Remember Pokemon? Those little monsters made popular by Nintendo’s Game Boy?



It has made a comeback now, like a Phoenix from the ashes. Only this time, it is here as Pokemon Go.


But why is everyone in the US going crazy about this new Pokemon? Well, its because the new iOS and Android game works with your phone’s map and camera to create a kind of augmented reality, where you roam around catching Pokemons.

Pokemon go

Lets make it simple. Remember when your clergyman said there’s a spirit world and physical world existing side by side? Yep. Pokemon is like the spirit world, only instead of Holy Ghost Fire, you’re using technology to catch monsters.

But Pokemon in Nigeria? Here are all the things that could go wrong;

1. Before we proceed, you said you can’t do fitfam but you’ve already walked past 3 bus stops because you’re trying to catch Pokemon?

Nene Leakes look at you

Just burn the cals.


2. When your mum sees you opening pot of soup and you say you’re trying to catch a Pokemon.

Crazeclown slap

You’re in soup today!


3. Remember that while you’re trying to catch Pokemon, thieves are also trying to catch your phone.Nervous gif

Gotta snatch ’em all!


4. You search for Pokemon until you enter bush and find Kanayo O. Kanayo waiting for you.

Kanayo dollars

That your Pokeball better be able to catch him.

5. When your battery dies before you get to your Pokemon, because no light to charge phone.sad-phone

Just go back home.


6. When Pokemon’s currently bad servers meet Nigeria’s bad service providers.

Shaking hands style

Match made in heaven.


7. Or you enter inside where Agbero people are chilling because you’re looking for Pokemon.

crazeclown cry

Bros no vex abeg.


8. When your Pokemon is at Elegushi, but you have to first pay money to enter.


Too smart for you people.


9. When you see a Pokemon inside an Army Barracks and you have to choose between Pokemon and your life.

Nileseyy Niles

Bye Pokemon. Its not you that will kill me.


10. When you’re driving and playing Pokemon Go and LASTMA decides to play Parkwell Go with you.


Oya go to the office and redeem your car for ₦20,000.


11. You’re in the office trying to catch Pokemon instead of working.

bye felicia

You’re fired. Now you have enough time to catch ’em all!


12. Someone knocks on your gate to come and catch a Pokemon in your backyard.

Astro CryingOya enter, because good Samaritan.


13. And when they enter, they pull out a gun.

Hands on head

Haba. Small play.


14. When you keep missing your bus and passing your bus stop because of Pokemon Go.


When you


15. After all your suffer-head to catch a Pokemon, the server crashes.

chuzzu cry



16. When your search for a Pokemon Go makes you start trekking 3rd Mainland Bridge and your matter quickly escalates to Lifedon Go


Rest in peace.


17. When Islanders have been using Uber to chase a rare Pokemon and the ride suddenly ends in Mile 2

running woman


And meanwhile at Pokemon’s office;



Gotta cash ’em all!



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