17 photos you’ll understand if you’ve ever had to live with ‘packaging’

Packaging: noun. the struggle-art of maintaining a lifestyle beyond your means, and keeping up appearances where you shouldn’t be seen. e.g. Omo, forget this shirt I’m wearing, its just plenty starch. Na packaging.


1.Nigerians and packaging are like this.

Zuma together

Because this market must to sell.


2. You’re going for a meeting with a big person who needs your services, so you take Danfo.

Wizkid Danfo

Madam please move your yansh.


3. Then you come down one bus-stop to the venue, and use special cab to arrive like a baby boy.

Wizkid Hallat Your Boy

That’s my driver.


4. Or when you follow your rich friends to one posh restaurant, and they put three leaves and small oil inside the plate.screams internally chrissy

Fine dining.


5. Then you have to go back home and make eba, because you cannor come and die.

Nene Leakes look at you

All stomachs are not equal.


6. You tell everybody you schooled in The Abroad.


International degree and all that.


7. But you forget to mention that your Abroad is Sudan and Cotonou.

Jordan Crying

Houdegbe and co.


8. When your wallet is not buff, so you decide to buff up to balance the equation

Terry Crews training

My akkant maybe lean, but my abs are mean.


9. Your accent is half British, half American, but you don’t even have a passport.

Im rich bitch

Muzzbe Youtube accent.


10. And every time your friends are talking about their last Summer in Florida, you’re just there looking like,


Izz nor fair.


11. When your salary is just floating above minimum wage but your packaging is Fortune 500.Carlton crying

I think, therefore I am.


12. You’re on Social Media talking about your father’s mansion,

Mansion in every state.


13. But the poor man is just in his small 2-bedroom flat praying for God to pick up his call.crying man

Continue confusing the blessing that wants to visit your household.


14. You have to remind people every time that you know an important person, so that you can appear important.Odunlade Deceiving



15. Then there’s the artiste dropping his debut single talking about his millions in the bank.Leaving

If you have 10 million in the bank, you don’t need my epp.


16. But then with all your packaging, you always keep the end goal in mind, because in the immortal words of Olamide,Olamide Motivation monday

Fake it till you make it.


God bless your hustle. This hilarious podcast talks about the packaging struggle.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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