17 photos that describe when a confam hard guy falls in love

You have travelled far and wide but finally you have found somebody that has scattered your dada but your story starts to play out like a Nollywood film.

1. When there are so many baby girls in your life but you just spot somebody and you know for sure she is the one.


The universe comes to a halt.

2. You said you will never fall in love but you have already started imagining her as your wife.

Falz GIF

Some futuristic shit.

3. When you are trying to shoot shot with her but she ignores you, then you swear never to take her matter seriously again.

Falz gif1

There are many fishes in the river.

4. Because everybody knows you as the lion.

Lion Gif

Okunrin meta.

5. Then you hear her voice and melt all over again.

Cat gif

Could this be love?

4. You tell yourself to chill on her matter and try to block her out, but then again.

Puff daddy gif

Ello bae, izz no more a joking sturv.

5. You said you will delete her pictures from your phone to minimize your obsession.

delete gif

I’m in charge.

6. But you back up her pictures in your hard drive, cloud and safe deposit box. Just in case.

Don't cry

Who delete done epp?

7. You start reading relationship tips, personality articles, checking numerology and studying horoscope patterns to help you understand your dream woman.

Betting GifJust go and join the queue at Synagogue.

8. You turn to a comedian but your jokes aren’t even funny to you.


9. When you said you will never be jealous but then you see another guy making her laugh.

Kanye smile laugh

Because in your head, you’ve butchered the guy and flushed the thousand pieces of him inside toilet.

10. When she is being mean to you but you are like.

Jordan meme

I have to prove myself.

11. You say you cannot come and stress yourself on her matter but one day she calls you and you’re like.Basketmouth laugh meme

12. You have a ton of things you want to tell her but as soon as you try to talk, your brain starts hanging.


“I dunno where to start.”

13. When you look down and people ask what’s wrong and you lie that it is headache but deep down it is her matter that is doing you like malaria.

Astro Crying

14. And then one day she tells you how she feels.


15. And all your guys are like.

Jordan laughing

16. But as a hard guy, you are like.

Jordan Na small thing

17. What is this life?



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