17 funny photos that trace the legend of the Yoruba demon

Not too long ago, in a kingdom not too far away, there lived a man. He was kind, gentle, like an angel sent from heaven.


He met this girl and liked her very much.

Sound sultan

He was her shoulder to cry on.

Friendzone shoulder

Her bridge to climb on.


Then one fine day, he tells her how he feels.

Text friendzone

And she leaves him shattered.

crying little man

Then someone introduced him to a solution.

Kanayo epp

And this great group received him like a long lost brother.

policemen clapping

Time for initiation. But first, materials for sacrifice.

Babalawo demon

And finally he was initiated into the league of Yoruba Demons extraordinary gentlemen.

yoruba demon3

When it was time, he went for his first hunt.

lion hunt

And after the first victim, the turn up was mad real.

Yoruba demon4


He took it upon himself to rescue more people from the shackles of this great evil. So he initiated more.

Yoruba demon2


And more…

Yoruba demon1

Everyday he bathed in the tears of his victims.

Just because lady tears are nutritious for the skin.

 He had broken hearts for dinner every night.

heart meal

And so it was that he and his squad lived happily ever after.

Yoruba demons flying

And ever.



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