16 twenty-something-year-old struggles as told by Buhari

1. When you hit 25 but all your secondary school dreams don’t look like they are happening any time soon.

Buhari epp


*cries in 1 million jobs per year*


2. When you stumble on your old secondary school friends and they start asking “So what have you been up to?”

ObjPmb scream


Who you epp please?


3.Your friends try to talk you into eating out at an expensive restaurant.

Buhari rice

Because I cannor come and die.


4. Then your salary alert enters and you think about turning up.

Buhari turn up

Quilox where are you?


5. Then you remember there’s a thing called bills.

Buhari tears broke

Hard life.

6. Getting tired from overthinking the true purpose of your existence.

Buhari afterlife

What if I don’t succeed? Will I get a second term chance?


7. When someone says you’re becoming old.

Buhari Dance


8. And another person calls you childish and immature.

Buhari mate

Axe your daddy.


9. That moment someone from your past thinks they are welcome in your life again.

Buhari Obj hand


Stay where I left you please.


11. Attending family events and everyone hitting you with the ‘When will you marry’ question.

Buhari palms together

God’s time is the best.


12. Your answer when anyone asks you what you desire most in life right now.

Buhari money


I don’t want any apology. All I want is money.


13. And then every time your parents see you with someone from the opposite sex, they are like, is this ‘The one’?



14. When your job interviewer is asking about your “Proficiency in Microsoft Excel”.


My WAEC result is intact please.



15. And then you reach a point where you don’t let people’s criticism get to you again.

Buhari cheers

You speak jargon. I speak body langauge.


16. But deep down, you miss the infant years when you could do as you pleased and get away with it.

General Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria After Coup


Don’t test me son.



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