16 things you really should do this new year, because why not?

It’s a new year. A real opportunity to re-evaluate, then reload. New Year Resolutions and all of that.

Yes, haters will talk anyhow.

New Year New Me

But they are not important.

Tell them waka
Tell them waka

What you want to do is more important than everything they’ve done.

And we have 16 more suggestions to help you silence your enemies.

1. Travel: Experience a new place, see a new culture. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. If you have money, travel to another country. If you don’t, enter train to Kafanchan. Travel is travel.

Not saying you must trek though
If you like, you trek

2. Read a book: Books will take you places money can’t. If you read only a book last year, read two. read-gif

3. Seize The Bae: Your market will not sell itself.  Find bae, fall in love, and don’t let social media discourage.


4. Fit, fam: Let’s think about the future: what would you do if one day, two dogs start to pursue you? You can’t kneel down and pray. May wisdom be your friend.                                                                       No.

5. Learn a new skill: Learn how to sew, or fix a car, or code, or design. Anything. But, no. No, no, no. Pouting on Instagram is not one of them.

Bruce Lee
Not a bad idea if you ask me

6. Make mistakes: Mistakes mean one thing; your are trying. Surely, they will talk. Haters. Jump and pass.

make mistakes

7. Cam dan: Not every time work, sometimes baby boy.

Osuofia enter with style

8. Make money: In real life. Plix.


9. Start saving: Whenever you want to start consuming that money like whale, ask yourself a very crucial question: What Would Pete Edochie Do?

Get a kolo
Get a kolo from @jag_bros

10. Volunteer: Do you want to die in this life without ever, for even one single day, doing something for someone who truly needs it?


11. Repackage: As the God of the Red Cup has told you: “it’s the little packaging that’s making them eat my gala”. Olamide’s gala is very expensive. Does he have two heads? My friend, sit up! Olamide_Live_In_Concert

12. Make your hobby into a side hustle:  Just Look at Omojuwa. Ordinary tweeting. Is your God smaller than his own?

side hustle

13. Admit it when you don f__k up: People don’t usually take responsibility. If Don Jazzy can apologise, what’s ya father’s name again?

Fucked up

14. Turn up: Because the body is not a firewood.

Turn up

15. Start Writing: Tell your own story. What if you mistakenly become president tomorrow?  Bruce typing

16. Buy at least one aso-ebi: Stop being stingy. Not every time philosophy. If you don’t have the money, ask for epp. One owambe a month change your life. Wear the cap, sew the cloth, let your enemies be put to shame.

Lets do this



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