16 photos that describe everything that could go wrong in computer village

Computer village in Ikeja is the biggest and buzziest hardware market in Nigeria. If you need to find stuff at the best rates, this is where you go.

There’s one thing you must know though, things could go wrong really quickly. And they will.

1. When you tell your guys you intend to spend only 30 minutes in computer village.
Kanayo jam

You’re just a learner.


2. When they tell you in computer village that UK used phones and second-hand phones are not the same thing.

confused baby

Epp me understand.


3. Someone taps you carelessly and you’re scared your penis has disappeared.

Nervous gif

My life is over.


4. Then you check and it is still there.


Thank you Lord.


5. But the music from your headphones has stopped playing.

sad boy

Waawu! Wahs going on?


6. And you check whether your battery is dead but your phone has disappeared.

Obama crying

Which kain witchcraft?


7. When two rivals are dragging you to their shops.

Two Animals fighting

Do you want to kill me?

8. Then you go to one shop and they tell you iPhone 6 is 35,000 naira last price.

Will smith shock

This must be a miracle.

9. One senior man tells you to drop something for boys and you know it is really not a request.

laugh cry

Why me Lord? Why?

10. You think you’ve hit the jackpot and you get home to see fufu inside the pack.


I am cursed.

11. So you go back with your squad to wreak havoc.


Somebody’s gotta pay.

12. But the shop you bought it from has disappeared.


Muzz be Harry Potter and the computer village of secrets.

13. You now start asking everybody if they know the person you are describing.Am3gGPWGNCvjvAnjoth15pTb15McGMZwMCAfUdeDlXuh

Who send you?

14. Someone even offers to sell another phone to you.

Nene neck

Not again.


15. You now go back home and tell your mum your story.

Twitter boy

Mummy I have no one else.


16. And next thing you hear is “Oya come and take my Nokia Torch light.”
leaving crying

Is this life?



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  1. Lmaoooo! OMG! I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! This is hilarious and best describes my fear of buying anything at computer village! If you must, NEVER go alone. They can’t pull the wool over your eyes and that of your tech savvy and street smart companions. Someone is bound to see the light!
    And for the love of all that is pure and true, LEAVE YOUR HEADPHONE AT HOME! Otherwise, thou shalt go with a phone and leave with fufu. ?
    Now that’s a steep price to pay for ‘lunch’, innit?

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