16 photos completely that sum up the Nigerian Jollof experience

1. That time you went to a birthday party and the Aunty starts sharing Jollof rice.

boy dirt smile


Aunty I want more.


2. You go to a wedding and the waiters are taking forever to start serving the Jollof.



I didn’t leave my house for this nonsense please.


3. And when you see the waiter approaching you with Semo when you asked for Jollof.

Buhari behaVE


What is this one doing?


4. And when the Jollof finally arrives.



Correct guy.


5. You wait for your Christian neighbours to bring dish of Jollof to your house on Christmas day.



With fried chicken and sturvs.


6. Or your Muslim neighbours on Sallah day.


Of course, with the sallah meat.


7. When someone tells you that Ghanaian Jollof is better than Nigerian Jollof.

mum cane flog


You must be mad.


8. How Nigerians react when someone says Jollof Rice is overrated.

Samtakesoff triple slap


You will die today.


9. When you don’t have bae but you have Jollof.



Because Jollof will never let you down. Jollof won’t give you no drama.


10. Jollof Rice that they didn’t make with firewood, is that one even Jollof?

kanye shake head gif


Call it anything but Jollof.


11. That moment when you discover that Buddhist monks are great because their robes are Jollof in colour.



This is some zen philosophical shit.


12. Or that the most beautiful sunsets are also Jollof in colour.




Bless me with the juicy colour.


13. When you hear “the labour of our heroes past, shall never be in vain”. And you just know this is the person the anthem is speaking to.


Our hero.


14. When Nigerian Government has failed you over and over but you can always go back to Jollof because it never fails.Clapping crying

Because Jollof will never promise you change because it is already perfect.

15. That moment of Joy when you realise all the 250 different ethnic groups can agree that Jollof is the key to National Unity

jollof theatre


Jollof for 2 thousand naira note!


16. And in the end you know that Jollof Rice is the key to world peace.

Jollof maP


Long Live Jollof Rice.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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