16 first semester struggles everyone will immediately recognise

1. When the freedom is so much you don’t know what to do with it.


No more curfew!


2. You start to make new friends.

Shaking hands style



3. You attend so many orientation programs and are so pumped up for that first class, it is always ringing your head

Kanye West all of the lights


4. Then school work starts to take its toll.

I need help



5. Your diet has started to become either garri or bread or concoction rice.

Kanye sad

Or free food.


6. It is only one semester and the lectures are already getting so boring.

Nene Leakes sleep

All these old lecturers sef.


7. But the parties are not so boring.

wiz khalihah dancing

Turn uppp!


8. Exam season comes and you start to ask yourself what you’ve been doing with your life.

Donald glover shock



9. You struggle to even pull through with exams.



10. When your parents ask how your exams were:


Kanye Laugh


11. Then your results come out:

gaze gif

What is this please?


12. Your G.P.A is not 1st class material.

Caleon cry

All my scholarship dreams.


13. But it’s not like you’re an olodo either.

Saraki not bad

1st class is not for everybody sha.

14. When people ask about your G.P.A, you’re like:

David Oyelowo

I can’t tell you one thing now and my Oga at the top will be saying another thing.


15. But you know that next semester, you are going to fire on all cylinders.


Man gats to boost the G.P.


16. Just because you don’t want your father to disown you.

Nervous gif


Ehn? God forbid.




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