15 photos you can totally relate with if you are on that salary life

The 9-5 life is what it is, a vicious cycle that keeps you coming back to square one month after month.

Monthly salary earners will totally understand these feelings.

1. When your salary is tomorrow but tomorrow feels like six months away.

sad boy

Time is crawling.

2. When you calculate all the bills you have to pay and the salary is already entering minus.

confused baby

I dun undstern.

2. When you get a message around the time alert enters.crazy-dance


3. But you check and its just somebody texting you to say hi.

Kanye smile laugh

Why are you like this?

4. Then you remember you’re also owing that person money.

Kanye sad

Why am I like this?

5. When your salary enters and somehow you forget all the plans you made.

Will Smith worry

6. So you just turn up because you cannot come and die.

Kanye West all of the lights

Turn down for what?

7. Then you wake up the morning after and you remember all the people you owe.

Astro Crying

When did I even borrow this much?

8. Because they already texted you to say hi.


9. When you sit down to decide who you want to owe for another month and who you want to pay.

Betting Gif

Last last they’ll beat me.

10. Then you just vex and pay everybody once and enjoy your moment of inner peace that follows.


No time for hypertension.

11. Then you realise you’re going to suffer a lot for the next one month.

nene l


12. You can’t take it anymore, so you holler your guy/miracle worker and he lends you some cash.


Much love brother.

13. When your boss won’t stop behaving as if he pays you 1 million dollars per month.

Just look at

14. But then again, it just occurs to you that pay day is tomorrow. Another month flew by already.

photo: .lipstickalley
photo: .lipstickalley

15. But then again, the cycle might just repeat itself.

Epp me Lord.



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