15 photos that tell the Eid-ul-Fitr story you’ll surely relate to

1. All your non-Muslim friends are asking “is this the one where you people kill ram?”


Not again this year.


2. And you take your time to explain the difference.

Obama listen]

For the last time, listen.


3. But they are still like “so what do you people kill for this one?”

Will smith going differently

Sigh. You coming to eat or nah?


4. You dropped your fabric at the tailor’s place about a week ago.

Michelle anyhow

Please, respect yourself.


5. But you got there the day before eid and he’s giving you foolish excuses.

Kuku kill me o!


6. So you sit with him right there to make sure your cloth is ready.

mum cane flog

Since we want to be childish.


7. And finally, Eid for the slay!



Everybody, gbera!


8. With Henna in tow.

Twitter: @Ummie_L


9. And then you get to the eid ground see the crowd.muslims praying



10. When you finally return from Eid prayer and all you do is cook

Just look at

Can’t we just hire a caterer?


11. But your brother is just gallivanting all over the place.

Nene Leakes look at you



12. When your all your friends come through for the food.

Odunlade come through


Pass the plates all the wayyyy!


13. Then the food comes, and you eat like you haven’t eaten in 30 days.

eating plenty


More more more!


14. And become useless for the rest of the day.



Who sent me message now?


15. When you realise that this is the longest eid break everrr!



Let us enjoy it please! Eid Mubarak!




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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