14 funny photos you can relate with if you grew up struggling with poor eyesight

Today, someone tried to snatch my glasses from my face because they wanted to see how ”bad my eyes were.

Krusty Krab

And it just reminded me of all the ‘good times’ that were peculiar to me just because I was born with less than perfect eyesight.

gaze gif

‘How many fingers am I raising?’

Captain now

Having to wait till people are not looking to bring things close to your eyes so you can read what is written on them.

Read squint

My mother pointing vaguely in one direction and saying ”bring me that thing.”

Krusty Krab

Having to calculate the perfect distance from the television that still allowed me see what was happening and not chop slap for sitting ”too close.”

Betting Gif

Having to chop slap because you don’t recognize people even though you’ve met them several times.

Crazeclown slap

Learning to recognize people by their voices instead of their faces.

krab spin

Chopping punishment because you can’t really tell when your clothes are dirty.

Teacher flogging

Daydreaming in class because you can’t see the blackboard.

Sharp eyesight

Having to guard everybody’s slippers when they are playing football, because blind Bartemaeus.

Or wait on the ground and catch the mangoes when everyone goes tree climbing.

crazeclown cry

When after years of denial, you finally admit to yourself, ”I’m blind oh!”

chuzzu cry

And after everyone ignores your complaints, the eye doctor finally confirms it.



Shebi I was saying it?

And then they give you your first pair of glasses.

A whole new world


New life!




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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