Thank you Don Jazzy:14 times ‘come and collect’ was the perfect answer to life’s problems

Whether it is Jollof rice or Twitter, everything Nigerians lay their hands on, they own. That also includes the English language. Which is why there is a major deal called Nigerian English. Whether it is slow the fan, or come and be going, we own the language like Her Majesty hails from Ibadan.

Which other people can make Come and collect sound so important?

When your very not-funny uncle comes to visit and he keeps cracking dry jokes.

Kanye Laugh

But you laugh because you’re trying to secure your future.

And then as reward, you hear, ‘come and take money for biscuit’

Shoki gif

And then you leave feeling like a boss.

Child with money

Then your mummy says, ‘bring lemme help you hold it’ because she is so kind.

Nene Leakes

And later you ask for your money.

Ngozi meme

And she just leaves you…

sad boy

When another man old enough to be your uncle wants to give you money for biscuit.

African American Santa Claus Langston Patterson, 77, greets four-month-old Raelyn Price at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza mall in Los Angeles

But then he starts saying things that sound like “come and collect the koko.”

Cosby Santa

When a boy walks up to you and starts talking about how he wants to be friends.

Falz delicazy

And then he jumps straight to the ‘come and collect’ part.

W4 Kontrol

When you want answered prayers and Pastor says ”come and collect your testimony this New Year.”

But izz like they’re still pursuing you from village.

God finally blesses you, and you and your squad now start to turn up.


 Then someone starts to para…

Olamide back back meme

So you just serve it to them like it is hot pap.

Judge Jazzy come and collect




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