14 photos that capture the life of every forgetful person

1. You spend 5 minutes searching and panicking about your phone.

John Boyega lost phone

I’m dead.


2. But it is in your other hand.

kanye shake head gif


Are they doing me from somewhere?


3. Every time you walk into a room and forget why you are there.

Arrive early

Wait, lemme just walk back so I can remember.


4. Then you walk out and forget where you’re going to.


What’s happening to me?


5. A person has been speaking to you for the past 15 minutes but the only thing you heard was “Are you even listening?”


I didn’t forget, I’m just meditating what you said.


6. You forget to reply a text.


I’ll text back later.


7. And then get angry when someone complains about you being forgetful.


Somebody cannot forget in peace again?


8. Buying a new phone every other month because you keep forgetting yours in the bus.

Astro Crying

Muzzbe tough love.


9. Your dad blames your forgetfulness on you pressing your phone all the time.

African dad


But how is it possible that I forget my phone every time because I keep pressing it? Magic?


10. You open sweets and throw the wrapper inside your mouth, and the sweet inside the dustbin.

angry frustrated screaming


11. A person told you their name 10 minutes ago but you already forgot.

Will smith


Your name is nice. Whatever it is.


12. Locking the car keys in your car every other day.

hitting head


I need a better car. That’s why.


13. You were about to do something some moments ago,




14. But now you already forgot.

Stanley Hudson


Oh God.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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