14 of the funniest tweets from the trending #LifeInUniben

School is a special experience and tonight, students and alumni of the seventh oldest University in Nigeria, the University Of Benin came out swinging.

Here are some of the tweets that gathered a lot of heat:

The Good

#SeizeTheBae, UNIBEN style.

When everyone is a hacker at heart.

Because life is just about give and take.

Enter the washing olympics.


The Hilarious


When there is heavy human traffic.

When you think you’ve entered University but you actually entered The Matrix.

This is not even a joking sturv.

Humility is a virtue. Learn it.

The lessons we learn in hopeless places.

When all that glitters is not gold.

When you are nothing but indomie in the sight of hungry boys.

The Tragic

When few bad decisions cost you everything.




The Fu'ad

That go-to guy for different sturvs. Books and the Internet have taken him to Mars. He still loves his Garri with very cold water. Yeah, Content and Copy rock.

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  1. “I remember walking on Edo street and a guy walked up to me and hit my chest. Then he said “carry your chest down”. #LifeInUniben”

    That’s my fave ?????? #IrepUniben

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