14 funny photos from the English Premier League that speak to your soul

Forget Telemundo and Zee whatever, the English Premier League is the most watched TV series in the world.

The men love it (some don’t give a shit though), some women love it because of their men (some don’t give a shit still), while some women just love it for the pure thrill.

Here are a few things you can probably relate to if your team is in the premier league:

1. When your team finally stands a great chance at winning the league but you’re scared they’ll eff up any forking time.

Nervous gif

2.  When you try to meditate on what was wrong with your former manager.

Mourinho meme

3. When your team has not discovered the crude oil they are searching for at the bottom of the table.
dig meme

4. When your current manager knows he’s in trouble as Mourinho is unemployed.


5. When your bae is giving you the quality time pep talk during a derby.

5. When you and your bae are supporting the same team.

man U wedding
6. Or when she’s supporting a different team and her team loses.

Discord meme

7. When there’s no match over the weekend because of international break.

Depressed Chris Brown

8. When your RTs and likes have convinced jobless you that you can run the team better than the manager.


9. When the person you placed a bet on to score lost a penalty.

Fainted gif

10. When you remember that no matter how bad your week is, there’ll be a match waiting for you over the weekend.




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