14 forex struggles every Nigerian will recognise immediately

1. When you go to buka and they tell you two spoons of rice is 100 naira.

Cat sitting


Is this life?


2. You want to buy stuff from Amazon but your bank account is just looking like.


Is this one serious?


3. When you’re doing exchange rate maths but your bank has different plans.



All these banks have their own funny rates.


4. And its then you see debit alert and your bank charges you higher rates.

Kuku kill me.


5. One day, naira just gets better suddenly.

Kanye West all of the lightsThank God!


7. And then becomes horrible again the next day.

Kanye smile laugh

Why are you so dramatic, ehn naira?


8. You saved throughout 2015 for your car, but now it can’t even buy Keke NAPEP.


See this life?


9. And then you start to wonder if tomato is expensive because it is protesting exchange rate.Jega

No, duh uh! Its Tuta Absoluta.


10. And then you hear that fuel price has joined the naira at the top.



Why are you raising your shoulders like this?


11. But you know deep down with all these things rising, your salary will still be like.


Much humble.


12. Then you hear that some people are solving one special maths in Benin Republic.


What the…?

Caleon surprise



13. In your head, you’re like “Benin Republic here I come”.


I shall not carry last.


14. But you remember you don’t even have money in the first place.


leaving crying


Why me Lord?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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