13 brutally honest reasons your life is presently boring as fuck

Till you get to the end of this piece, pretend it was written by The Joker.

Joker Hi


Here are some, or all of the reasons you are bored as fuck.

1. You are broke.

Help me Im poor


Oopsie! All the things you like to do, you can’t afford. Too bad.


2. You have no ideas.


Maybe you’re not broke, just short of ideas. Or completely bereft of them.


3. You have no goals.


Goals get your mind going. And since you have none of that, there is nothing to score.


4. When you have goals, you never follow up with plans and action.



Yep! That’s because you never actually make the effort to do any of it.


5. You are scared of failing so you never try anything.



Fear of failure is clearly normal. But you never even try so you won’t have to fail. But guess what? You never succeed either.


6. You consider yourself bigger than all the things you could be out doing.

Big man

Incredible Hulk

Your mates are doing stuff you’re forming “too big”

Notorious B.I.G

You have joined notorious gang.


7. The world is changing and you are not.

Cat sitting

While the world is moving fast, you aren’t, because you are stuck in the old and archaic routines. Kuku go to the museum and enter inside the show glass.


8. You are not a good person.

Nene Leakes said what I said

So nobody would rather associate with you, and guess who can’t do anything by themselves? Yep. You.


9. You keep turning down all the people who want to hang out with you.

Fat kid with cup

So maybe you’re a really nice person, but since you keep turning everyone away, you shall remain in your cocoon.


10. You don’t travel.


One reason might be because you don’t like leaving your comfort zone. Another reason might be because of number 1.


11. You spend so much time on the Internet, now you have no life outside of it.


Look at you, your battery is dead. There’s no light to charge, and fuel is 145/L. Now you have no idea what to do with your life. You see yourself?


12. You can’t put your solitude to good use.



Read. Write. Watch something. Do something, but no. You winnor do.


13. You have become the epitome of boredom yourself.

Boredom looks up to you sometimes. Because you have become a chairman in the business. Continue.

Joker clap


Can you put an end to this boredom now? The world needs your hands and mind.



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