13 women tell us how they want rapists to be punished

Rape is one of the oldest vices in human history, high up with other infamous ones like murder and tyranny.

In 2011, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that “nearly 20% of all women” in the United States suffered attempted sexual assault, sexual assault (forced kissing and fondling), attempted rape, and rape sometime in their life. More than a third of the victims were raped before the age of 18.

In Nigeria, most people know someone who has suffered some form of sexual abuse but data collection is harder than space travel and people get away with just about anything.

This could mean the numbers are probably higher.


We asked some women how they’d personally like rapists to be punished. and their answers are reproduced below:


They should cut off their dicks since they are animals and have no self control. I don’t believe in the death penalty except you are a serial killer. Let’s see what they want to use to rape someone again after that.’ – Toke, 20


Capital punishment is fine.-  Nemah


Death will be too easy for them. So I propose they should be brutally dealt with – cut off their penis. – Aisha, 21


10 years in prison + a million naira.  Jail because you need to have time to think about your life. And it must be compulsory to see a psychiatrist as an abuser. – Omorefe, 20


For the ones who rape adults, life in prison. For the ones who rape kids I’d say death by hanging but…. I’m not decided how I feel about that one yet. I feel it should be worse. – Aisha, 31


10 years jail time. Then counseling. – Anonymous, 32


Hard labour for 18 years + castration. Plus 100 lashes. – Sam, 33


I think they should be stripped naked in a burning room. I mean not a house on fire but somewhere hot that they wont die fast. Like a very hot oven for one week so they can roast to death slowly. The end *smile*. My point is they must suffer severely from the point they’re caught till death. And their death must be prolonged. I hope I’m lenient enough. – Jumoke, 22


They should be castrated. That way, it is guaranteed that they can never rape anyone again. – Temitope, 25


I think jail term is fine. There’s that added probability they could get raped themselves. Jail term because it metes out the same helplessness their victims felt. – Oyinkansola, 23


I’ll love them to be killed. Not by hanging but by something worse. Lethal injection, small doses. Let it paralyze them, put them in shock. Unimaginable pain for a period of one month at least. – Anon, 23


For rapists and those who think it is cool and pleasurable to force people down and have their way with them, it is only logical to dismember them of that member of theirs. And then, they should be subject to rehabilitation… because it’s not really their fault. It’s a mental sickness. – Adeboro, 20


Eye for eye. They should be raped too. Butt-raped with dildos. That’s the only way they’ll understand the trauma that comes from their actions. – Ella, 24




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