13 things you will understand if you grew up with strict parents

For those of us who grew up with strict Nigerian parents, sometimes we loved them, sometimes we hated them. We remember all too well.

1. When you need to explain over and over why you want to go and play at your friend’s house.

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2. But they hit you with the “Why can’t you play at home?”

Dont cry

3. When you are with your friends, then you remember your curfew is near.


4. You always tell your friends that you don’t like going out much but they know its because of your parents.

why the fuck you lying

5. When your dad is softer and then you go meet him for something and he says, “Go and ask your mummy.”


6. When you know your parents must not catch you watching TV without finishing your homework.

Mission Impossibl

7. When you’re out and miss your parents call and they automatically assume you’ve become a cultist.

Nene Leakes

8. How you move around when there’s a cane in every part of the house for emergency medicine.


9. When someone says ”I’ll tell your mummy!”

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10. And then your mum says, “don’t worry, I’ll tell your father when he comes back.”

Nileseyy Niles

11. When your parents allow you go and play ball on the condition you don’t come back dirty.

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12. When you realise that everything made you turn out awesome.



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