13 things that happened while Twitter was down

Twitter was down on Tuesday morning in Nigeria and many parts of the world and people started going crazy.

Twitter DOwn

So first they checked their phone, didn’t open.

panic gif

Web? Didn’t open.


So people started to rant about Twitter. Everywhere else of course.

Now that Twitter is back up, we discovered a few things that happened while the tiny blue bird was down:

1. People were up and down in their feelings.

2. The exchange rate did not go down.

Naira DOllar


Lets not even talk about the Pound.

3. People discovered there were actually real people in the world.


Don’t panic. They eat, breathe, and tweet. Just like you.

4. When you realise your neighbour died 3 weeks ago.


What killed him?

5. And then you realise you didn’t know you had a neighbour.


6. I could actually do things and not tweet about doing things.

Jim Carey

7. When you discover that your life does not depend on being mean for Retweets.


9. When you discover that despite all that has been said about president Buhari, he is still in power.

Tinubu meme

8. The budget for running Nigeria in 2016 has not been passed but somehow the country is still running.

confused baby

Because, autopilot.

10. When you found out that the coven of Twitter witches birds slandering Yoruba boys have scattered.

Yoruba demons flying

11. Everyone migrated to Facebook just the way our Igbo families migrate to the village every Christmas.


12. When you went to the sage of Snapchat to find keys to survive.

DJ Khalid

13. And then you realise, you didn’t die afterall.




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