13 struggles anyone who’s been to a bus park in Nigeria will understand

1. You arrive at the park and start wondering which bus to enter.


Which of these drivers won’t try to kill me?


2. But the bus people start dragging you to their own different buses like.

Two Animals fighting

Enter here! One more chance!


3. You finally go to the bus you think is almost full.

Osuofia enter with style

Is it your money?


4. You enter the bus and see that it is almost full.


Just 10 more minutes.


5. Then the people in the bus start coming down one by one.

confused baby

Ah ahn? Is piss catching all of you at the same time?


6. That’s because they aren’t real passengers. They are seat fillers.


Waawu. Is that how you people used to do?


7. Then it strikes you that the conductor made you pay for transport fare immediately you entered.

Chayii. 419.



8. You’ve had enough. You want to go down, but when you look for the conductor, he has disappeared.


What is all this please?



9. So you just sit down and look at the people beside you to be sure they are passengers.


Let me look into your soul and know if we are going in the same direction.


10. Then you have to watch and sit patiently as people start to enter one by one.


You people should do fast abeg.



11. Now the bus is filled. The driver is nowhere to be found.

Buhari palms together

*commits genocide internally*


12. And then the driver arrives and starts to fight with the union people over taxes.


Why didn’t you do this one since?



13. And finally you are happy when the bus leaves, but then you start thinking of bad road, traffic, and everything.

Kanye smile laugh





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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