13 photos you can relate to if you’ve ever attended an Owambe

Nigerians don’t play with their weekend to weekend Owambe, and you’d be able to relate to these photos if you’ve ever attended one of them.

1. What you do to your home training when you’re going to an Owambe.

throw away drink

Who home training done epp?


2. You’re forming fresh because aso ebi is complete and swag is on fleek.

Olamide Abule Sowo


Fresh boy sneh.


3. When they finally ask you what you want to eat and there are like one million options.

Betting Gif

Oh happy day!


4. When you see something red in a plate going round on tables and you know its jollof.laugh cry

I have decided to follow jollof. No turning baaack! No turning baaack!


5. When you buy aso ebi for 30 thousand naira and they give you one small meat.

Nene Leakes no



6. After you get very comfortable at the party.

eating plenty

Lemme just eat my night.

7. When one waiter is refusing to serve someone food because they didn’t buy aso ebi.

Caleon surprise

The celebrant is my best friend.


8. When the MC is talking but nobody is interested because food is making the rounds.

Olamide Owambe

Muzzbe naiz. Talking while others are eating. Muzzbe naiz.


9. When the person beside you said earlier that they don’t eat much, but they are currently on the 4th plate.


With the aid of diagram, can you define ‘eat much’?

10. When it’s time to start dancing but you’re not in the mood.


My makeup.


11. Then you hear ”Eyin omo wobe!”

Caleon dance

Shift for me!

12. When you see the groom smiling and you know he’s only thinking about wedding night knacks.

My nigga

Red Bull on fleek.


13. When you discover that someone came with car and you are both going in the same direction.

Happy Weekend happy

Free ride!



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