12 struggles you can relate with if you have ever used a gym

1. When you’ve been promising to go the gym ”tomorrow” since last year.

procrastinate gif


Tomorrow never dies.

2. When you finally go to the gym and all your favourite equipment have been taken.


sad boy


The gym doesn’t want me.


3. And then you realise you forgot your headphones.

Sad Chiwetel


So much negative energy.


4. When you go to the lifting area and everybody there looks like The Hulk.


family matters search


Is this the muscle Olympics?

5. When your body is very sore but you still love it.


laugh cry


No pain. No gain.

6. When you first start noticing the gains.




May the market forever be in my favour.


7. When your crush steps into the gym.


Terry Crews training


Baby girl can you see me stunting?


8. When someone keeps interrupting your routine with ‘better’ advice.


Kanye smile laugh


Is it your fit?

9. What a staircase normally looks like.




10. What it looks like after leg day.




Muzzbe Everest.

11. How your mind feels after a thorough session.


Man of steel gif


Made of more.

12. How your body feels.



Somebody epp me.



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